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Comfort Clean Back Teeth Floss Picks 75-Count (Pack of 6)

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DenTek Comfort CleanBack Teeth Floss Picks’ unique handle and angled floss head easily reach rear teeth and silky smooth floss cleans between tight spaces while protecting sensitive gums. Want to use floss to keep your teeth clean after meals, but it’s just too difficult to get between tight teeth, especially with red and swollen gums? DenTek has an easy, comfortable solution. Try DenTek Comfort CleanBack Teeth Floss Picks. After enjoying your favorite meal, there’s nothing worse on your dental health than food and plaque sticking to tight teeth or hiding out in the back of your mouth. Food and plaque can stain and even damage your teeth, and you may end up paying for build up at your next dental checkup. Your teeth may feel smooth after using a toothbrush, but interdental food and plaque can’t be removed without flossing after every meal. Make cleaning tight teeth effortless with DenTek Comfort CleanBack Teeth Floss Picks. Does your floss clean between crowded back teeth while protecting sensitive gums? DenTek’s Comfort CleanBack Teeth Floss Pick’s unique handle helps you get between tight teeth at the back of your mouth. Silky comfort floss slides between teeth and moves gently over sensitive gums to sweep away food and plaque with none of the discomfort of rolled floss. Get DenTek Comfort CleanBack Teeth Floss Picks to maintain your healthy smile without the hassle and pain of using conventional dental floss. Our floss picks come in 75 and 125 count.
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January 28, 2017 at 4:24 am

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